Scientific Community

GoDARTS is an International biomedical and genetic resource for the study of type 2 diabetes and related conditions and is available to researchers worldwide via the Scottish Health Research Register and Biobank, SHARE. International researchers will collaborate through a researcher based in the UK. The SHARE researcher guide can be accessed from here together with  all the information and processes required to make a request to access this resource. All access will be made through the SHARE Access Committee, following the procedures laid out in the researcher guide.

The patient consent at time of recruitment allows the data collected  to be linked anonymously to datasets derived from consenting patients medical records. These datasets include laboratory data, hospital admissions and outpatient appointments and SCI-DC-an electronic record used by health care professionals throughout Scotland for the care of patients with diabetes.

A full list of linkable datasets available can be found on the Health Informatics Centre.

Baseline data summary statistics are available as PDF document.

See Access Policy below for details of the management of GoDARTS.

Access Policy

To apply for access to data, samples from the GoDARTS resource please refer to the SHARE researcher guide. The Researcher Guide and SHARE Biobank Application Form are available from here.

DNA samples are analysed for their sequencing. Serum samples will be analysed for chemical and biochemical components of either established or new biomarkers. RNA samples will be analysed for the sequence and relative content of individual RNA molecules (Mrna, microRNA, ncRNA etc