Professor Chim Lang

GoDartS-Chim LangProfessor Lang is Professor of Cardiology, a consultant cardiologist and clinical pharmacologist at Ninewells Hospital & Medical School, Dundee. He trained in cardiology and clinical pharmacology in the UK and USA where he was a

He is a Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London and Edinburgh and the American College of Cardiology.

His research takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the understanding of pathophysiology and pharmacogenetics of cardiovascular diseases and the development of treatment strategies in patients with cardiovascular diseases. He leads an integrated cardiovascular research laboratory dedicated to the study of cardiac/vasomotor regulation. These techniques are applied towards translational research and the development of biomarkers/novel treatment strategies in patients with cardiovascular diseases.

A wide range of funding bodies including the British Heart FoundationMRCChief Scientist OfficeChest Heart and Stroke Scotland and the European commission funds his research.


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